Open Road Motorcycle Adventures LLC is owned and operated by long time partners in marriage and adventures, Kelly and Kim Peacock. After the purchase of our first motorcycles several years ago and our first long tour, we were hooked on the touring lifestyle.

Traveling in the Western Rockies has been our passion for the past 32 years. After back country skiing and off-road jeeping we discovered motorcycles and have never looked back. Early on, our day trips started surpassing 200 miles and as a result we traveled further and longer exploring all the roads we could find and found the best food and lodging along the way.


Kelly & Kim

For years we have shared our travels with people who would like to experience the same thing. Our tours are based on our knowledge of the roads and the towns we have passed through. National Parks, National Monuments, roadside attractions, we’ve been there. As your guides, we will give you the tour you deserve.





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