Tour Six

Great Northern Tour
8 riding days and 9 nights lodging
1970 miles

This incredible northern tour starts in Salt Lake City and will give you the extremes of motorcycle riding. Your first day takes you across the famous Bonneville Salt Flats to the historic Nevada gambling town of West Wendover and then into the Idaho mountains for an overnight stay in Sun Valley area. Day three takes you into the remote Sawtooth Mountains and you will follow some whitewater rivers to a small town where you will stay at a wonderful lodge overlooking the Salmon River.

The next day you will hit Idaho’s incredible Highway 12. As soon as you get on this scenic mountain road there is a sign that says “Caution, curves next 76 miles”, truly a biker’s delight!  This scenic highway was just voted #9 on the list of top 15 motorcycle roads in the United States by the American Motorcycle Association. You will pass over the continental divide through Missoula, Montana up to the town of Polson for our a magnificent overnight stay with rooms right on the shore of beautiful Flathead Lake.

In the morning you travel to Whitefish, Montana, but of course we guide you over the long route and come within a stones throw of Canada. You will stay two nights in Whitefish at an incredible resort located located on the shores of Whitefish Lake. The next day you will explore Glacier National Park including the famous “Going to the Sun” road and traveling up North to a lesser visited, but equally as scenic area of the park. This road was just recently voted #6 of the list of top 15 motorcycle roads in the United States by the American Motorcycle Association. If you choose not to ride through the park on your bike, you can take a “Jammer” which is a restored 1940’s open air tour bus that leaves from the entrance of the park. You double back through the park to Whitefish for a dinner at your choice of one of Whitefish’s premier restaurants.

The next day you are back in the mountains and rejoining the Salmon River for a scenic ride to the small town of Salmon, Idaho and will stay with your room, once again, overlooking the river!

Your last day takes you on long drive through the plains of southern Idaho and south onto Salt Lake. With desert riding and high mountain curves, this is a tour of extremes.

Great Northern
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Highway 12

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Lodging at Poulson
  Glacier NP
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